Ethical Head Hunting


HYDE & SEEK the future of search and supporting businesses grow and become more efficient. Client focused support, where our clients/candidates are key to successful placements.

In HYDE & SEEK we believe in people as the essence of every business and developing their potential to achieve a good environment and efficiency; great results come in hand with working with values and purpose.

In a fast changing society where clients need support we are here to partner in a win-win relationship.

Every project is strategically planned and custom made depending on our clients needs; ranging from assessments, placements, company introductions for acquisition and cultural transformation.

Caring for clients and candidates, plus excellence in delivery is what makes us accountable. In 16 years we have not had to replace any candidates and our relationships are team-worked based where clients and us become one aligned to the same goal.


We care for your business and success

We believe in creating impact and change

We work and partner with great consultants to assure a 360 coverage

We have experts leading each project

We are an extension of your team and need to teamwork with you

We believe in purpose as a key factor to successful teambuilding

 We know losing money hurts



With over 15 years of experience in executive search, Victoria Hyde has broad PE experience and knowledge cross-boarders covering private equity funds and supporting with the hiring of senior management in their portfolio companies.
Due to her caring and focused personality, she has placed many investment professionals in Europe, Asia, US and Latin America building a trustworthy network.
Each client is different and specific, and so are  the searches, where we come in to carefully understand the needs and plan each search strategy meticulously to assure the best result in a short time period.
Our key to success is to partner with our client, where mutual commitment is key.



Client centered needs, reciprocal commitment to success,
we offer strategic planning solutions:

Executive Search

WIL – Women in Leadership

Board Members

Organizational Support & Structure


Cultural Transformation


Market Research Strategies & Communication



It has been proven that having Women participating as board memebers as well as in decision making positions has many benefits:

  • The companies increase their profits and by this the growth of the countries’ economy is boosted
  • Influence in decisions making, providing a diversity points of view, covering a 360 perspective
  • By improving gender equity in a region it could increase annual GDP more tan 10% for the year 2025, compared to the 2014, with a greater perspective of regional momentum, especially in India and Latin America
  • Women are more focused on increasing market share to become leaders in their respective industries
  • Female-led companies are free to concentrate on finding talent with specialist skills, a vital lever for growth
  • Women´s participation in companies at higher levels promotes a more diverse company culture


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